Santa Fe


Try a new look or learn the art of personal embellishment!


  • Beautician
  • Client

Description of the activity:

Work as an image consultant or experience a change of look that matches your personality.


15 minutes


Recommended age:


Educational Content:

  • Values ​​learned: professionalism, trust, respect, gratitude, respect, solidarity.
  • Skills gained: creativity, communication, attention to detail, fine motor skills.

Kool Facts:

  • Since ancient times different cultures used cosmetics as a ritual, religious or medical art.
  • Currently, chemistry, biology, pharmacy and medicine are involved in the cosmetic industry.

Economy and Benefits B • KidZanian:

  • Pay in kidZos for receiving this service, or you receive payment in kidZos for having worked on it. Enjoy discounts or exclusive payments thanks to the category of your paZZport, naturalized, distinguished or honorable citizen!