Santa Fe


Operate and treat patients or go by ambulance to save people!


  • Doctor

  • Pediatrician

  • Paramedic

Description of the activity:

Perform a surgical intervention, take care of a newborn, check the inside of the human body and attend an emergency call by ambulance.



20 mins


Recommended age:


Educational Content:

  • Values ​​learned: generosity, solidarity, integrity, respect, responsibility
  • Skills gained: fine and gross motor skills, decision making, collaboration, attention to detail

Kool Facts:

  • In ancient Egypt, relevant information on various branches of medicine was recorded on papyri: there were already gastroenterology, gynecology and ophthalmology treatments!
  • In the ancient Chinese culture, the health of the body is considered to be the result of the balance between the human being and the cosmos (Taoist philosophy)

Economy and Benefits B • KidZanian:

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