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Pizza Shop

Cook and enjoy a pizza!


  • Pizza maker

Description of the activity:

Prepare a pizza with fresh ingredients.



20 minutes


Recommended age:

4-16 years


  • Values ​​learned: patience, dedication, respect, solidarity
  • Skills gained: attention to detail, fine motor skills, mathematical thinking

Kool Facts:

  • The beginnings of this dish are known from ancient Rome, where they already consumed breads cut into several portions; Traditional pizza emerged in Naples, Italy, in the 17th century
  • The world's largest pizza was registered in 2013 in Italy; it measured more than 39 meters in diameter and weighed 26 tons; It was distributed among poor people
  • Our rightZKeeper Bache's favorite food is ... pizza!

Economy and Benefits B • KidZanian:

  • Pay with kidZos for this delicious activity. Take advantage of additional discounts according to the category of your paZZport, naturalized, distinguished or honorable citizen!