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Corporate Events

From a meeting to a big celebration

Briefcase Events like no other!

We have the perfect setting to live with your classmates, friends and family.

We offer you all the strategic and logistical support to carry out your corporate events with the highest quality standard, offering you a wide variety of activities aimed at strengthening human development, improving the work environment and the productivity of your employees.

Awards Types of Events

Corporate events

KidZania offers excellent areas for carrying out various activities focused on the human development of your company.

  • Promotional dinners
  • Integration programs
  • Recognition delivery
  • Motivational talks
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Anniversaries
  • Integration Rallies


Social events

KidZania is the perfect setting to live with family and friends.

  • Holiday celebration
  • Christmas inns
  • Family days
  • Kermesses
  • Festivals

Public relations

KidZania provides a casual and professional atmosphere that facilitates the integration of your company with your distributors, business partners or media.

  • Press, radio and TV conferences
  • Making recordings and spots
  • Commercial presentations
  • New product launches
  • Recognition delivery
  • Concerts, plays, musicals
  • Fundraising
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Autograph signatures


Social responsability

KidZania, as a Socially Responsible Company, offers you the opportunity to perform.

  • Fundraising events
  • Co-investment funds in “Matching Funds” organizations

Services Services

We offer you:


  • Support in the planning and coordination of the event
  • Logistics and external services advice
  • Access to establishments depending on the capacity of the event
  • Audio and video technicians
  • Brand presence in strategic points of the park
  • Private security
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Medical service


Choose your space  Maximum Capacity
Center 1800 people
Theater 110 people
TV Foroum 70 people
Lounge Disco 70 people
Dad Room 40 people


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