Santa Fe

Corporate Philosophy

Meet our Mission, Vision, Values ​​and Essence

Our philosophy is based on high professional and personal values ​​with the intention of contributing to our communities and achieving a Better World.

Web_icons-56 Our Related Entities

Our environment consists of a variety of relationships with key entities. These entities include:

  • Visitors: whether a child (from 1 to 15 years old), an adult (from 16 years of age) or a member of a group visits us (schools, parties, corporate event, camp, pro-bono); Each visitor will receive a service of the highest quality and the best family entertainment
  • Industry Partners: private companies from a broad spectrum of industries, government institutions and non-profit organizations, together provide us with content, authenticity and financial support
  • Collaborators: as team members we work together to ensure that KidZania is successful and improves its relationship with the different related entities that make up its environment
  • Business Partners: a business partner can be a company, corporate, or group of investors that acquires the right to introduce and develop the concept of KidZania in some territory, under the franchise scheme
  • Investors: investors are crucial for the financing of our company for the success of the concept, in general. They allow us to operate with profits within our business model by providing a continuous flow of cash, while offering an attractive return on investment.
  • Community: we use our creativity, passion and commitment to develop programs that support children in vulnerable situations
  • Environment: we do our best to take care of nature, reduce our carbon footprint, and have a minimal environmental impact, both small and large scale

Our relationship with each one is directed by our mission and values, as well as the needs of each group.

Mision Our mission

Our Mission includes seven sections, one for each related entity:

  • To offer the best experience of entertainment in role play to our Visitors,
  • provide the most effective interactive communication medium to our Industry Partners,
  • promote a development and satisfaction environment for our Collaborators,
  • provide the best tools to support our Business Partners,
  • obtain the highest sustainable returns for our Investors,
  • provide the highest level of commitment and participation for the improvement of our Communities,
  • and support the best solutions to take care of the environment.

Vision Our vision

KidZania has a very clear and defined vision of where it wants to go in the long term:


Our vision is to light the hearts and minds of children everywhere to drive them into making the world a better place.

Values Our values

Our values ​​are the qualities that we seek and foster in our people. These values ​​are characteristic of who we are and motivate us in the way we run our company. They are the norms that guide the interactions with our related entities.

Our values ​​are these five qualities:

  • Passion: We are excited about what we do and how we do it
  • Commitment: We are committed to each of the members of our related entities
  • Integrity: As a company and as individuals, our actions are professional and ethical
  • Entrepreneurship: We are active, energetic and assertive, in order to offer the best experience
  • Efficiency: We are extremely aware and careful with the resources we use to achieve our goals

Web_icons-60 Our essence

These are the fundamental qualities of our product. They dictate the purpose of our content, inspire the style of the experiences we offer and guide the development of our current and future products.

Our essence is based on fourteen qualities to which we test everything:

  • Children-oriented: we create places and products for and for children
  • Based on the RPG: we create products based on the experience of the RPG
  • Based on Reality: we immerse our visitors in a simulated reality
  • Interactive: we design our content and promote the immersion of activities and social interaction
  • Fun: we make the idea of ​​fun universal
  • Exciting: we design our programs to deliver unexpected surprises
  • Learning Facilitator: we enrich the experience of our visitors through activities designed to learn
  • Skill Developer: we promote the development of skills of our young visitors
  • Securities Promoter: we constantly encourage universal values ​​to promote the growth of our visitors
  • Insurance: we promote security in our designs, developments and operations
  • Detail Oriented: we differentiate our products through detail orientation
  • Current: we constantly innovate and renew to keep our concept fresh
  • Accessible for Everyone: we keep our content and centers accessible at all times for any visitor
  • Sustainable: we promote actions that will keep our business commercially and environmentally viable