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Teacher Material

A practical guide for your visit

Consult our recommendations for the development of skills before, during and after your visit to KidZania or download your educational guide:



Before the visit

  • Identify the skills and learnings that you want to work during the visit
  • What are your indicators to measure the performance of competencies?
  • What information do you need for the evaluation?
  • Which KidZania establishments cover your academic goals?
  • Do you have any project you can do in our facilities?
  • What knowledge of various subjects can be enriched during the visit?
  • Tell your students the objectives of their visit
  • Ask your students about their knowledge of the topic or problem you want them to address and about KidZania
  • Give your students time to identify and choose the establishments in which they want to play
  • Identify what are your interests and preferences to plan the time of your visit and the activities that will be carried out
  • Promote research on KidZania so they know where they are going
  • Prepare with your students a graphic organizer about what they know and what they want to learn in KidZania about a specific topic to review after the visit
  • It encourages your students to ask you questions about the topic or competence to work
  • Plan time for your students to freely choose 2 or 3 establishments to which they want to go alone



During the visit

  • Observe and record the performance of your students. Remember that in meaningful learning experiences you are allowed to observe them
  • Accompany your students who require it and give them the help they need, but do not forget that it is important that they feel free and that they can alone
  • Tour the city to identify the learning potential of your students
  • Let them unfold freely by KidZania, so you can watch them
  • Be flexible, allow them to change facilities if another interests them more than previously planned
  • Allow them to explore freely
  • Take advantage of the resources we offer to adults within KidZania
  • After the visit
  • Generate a space for your students to discuss their experience and reflect together
  • Allow them to express their concerns, doubts, comments, feelings, etc. about your visit to KidZania. You can use resources such as drawings, stories, representation, free exposure, etc.
  • Take together the goals you planned for the visit
  • Take up the graphic organizer they created and invite them to complete it with what they learned
  • Ask them to tell you how they managed their time and their kidZos, you can link it with math and project management
  • Allow them to self-assess their general skills and competencies
  • Identify the interest of your students to develop a project that enriches the experience more. Take them into account in planning so they feel motivated
  • It is important that you consider landing with your students what happens in a real city and in KidZania, especially with children of 1st and 2nd grade, so that they differentiate the reality of fantasy and thus prevent dangerous situations
  • Relate the visit and the topic or problem you want to work with your students