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Our Economy

KidZania's economy is carefully designed to involve children in the learning of the business cycle, by teaching them the value of work and by helping them understand how the process of exchanging money for goods and services works.

Economy Our coin

The kidZos are printed on tickets of the following denominations 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. As part of their access to KidZania, children receive a 50 kidZos check that they can change at the bank, allowing our visitors to start to spend kidZos immediately. Subsequently, they have to work in one of the different jobs available in KidZania to earn more kidZos.

Spending-money Spend kidZos

Our visitors can have their kidZos to spend as consumers in different establishments within KidZania. They can buy products or hire services. For example, they can pay their ticket for the Disco or fix their nails in the Beauty Salon. Prices for products and services vary according to the principle of supply and demand.

Earning-money Win kidZos

As in any economic system, goods and services are acquired with money and money is granted as payment in exchange for work. Thus, if children run out of kidZos they must apply for a job and receive a salary. For example, they can be a nurse in the Nursery or serve the city as Firefighters. Salaries for different jobs vary according to the principle of supply and demand.

Saving-money Save kidZos

Through the use of their children, children learn about bank accounts, savings and how to generate interest. They learn how to manage money by going to the bank to make a transaction at windows, by using an ATM to make a cash withdrawal or by checking the balance of your bank account. Also, children who are registered as Citizens of KidZania can check their balance online, as part of the benefits of the B · KidZanian program.

Web_icons-15 Buy with kidZos

To complement learning about monetary management, KidZania has a themed exchange program as a shopping experience. First, children must earn kidZos in order to spend them, and on some occasions they must save to buy higher priced items. With the kidZos they have won, children can buy pencils and notebooks for school, gifts for their friends or ornaments for their homes among other products.

Web_icons-16 Invest kidZos

Another way to earn kidZos is to invest. KidZania offers different investment vehicles, where children can get their kidZos again with an additional interest rate, according to the time of their investment.

Donating Donate kidZos

Children also have the opportunity to contribute to their community by donating their kidZos for a cause of their choice. Subsequently, KidZania ensures that this contribution reaches the cause related to children that has been chosen.

Web_icons-18 Pay taxes with kidZos

The goal of financial education is completed when children learn about how taxes contribute to the benefit of their community. A portion of your wages is discounted to pay your taxes, just like in the real world. Most KidZania cities have their own tax office where children can pay their contributions to the KidZania Nation.