Santa Fe


For us your security is paramount

The safety of each and every one of our visitors is an essential aspect for us. Therefore, we have developed a strict and detailed security system that involves:


  • Controlled Access: There is only one entrance and one exit for visitors with electric gates and private security guards
  • Identification Bracelets: Each and every one of the visitors who access our facilities is placed a wrist cuff with an identification chip and a radio frequency antenna, which can only be removed by our staff through a specialized system in the migration area, when the visitor gets ready to leave
  • Identification Chip: It allows us to form electronic groups through a sophisticated computer system, which grants the exit to minors only with adults previously authorized in the system
  • Radio Frequency Antenna: Prevents a visitor from leaving the center without authorization. If a visitor tries to leave without proper authorization, an alarm will sound and there will always be a policeman to stop his departure
  • Video Cameras: Strategically placed in different points of the center; they have a video recording system for future reference
  • Internal Security: Professional and highly trained guards are available in various parts of the city, including: entrance, emergency exit and strategic locations
  • Highly Qualified Staff: Our employees constantly receive professional training for the proper handling of contingencies and emergencies