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The KidZania Concept

Get ready for a Better World!

KidZania is an innovative concept, highly attractive to children, which offers them the best learning experience through role-playing games, within a city of scale with its own economy.

Web_icons-01 What is KidZania?

KidZania is an interactive city for children from 2 to 16 years old, which combines inspiration, fun and learning through role-playing games. In KidZania, children can freely explore a city on a scale of more than 3,500 square meters, where they can try more than 100 exciting professions.


Driven by the natural desire of children to create, explore and collaborate, KidZania is entertainment and learning in equal parts, making it one of the most advanced concepts of family entertainment today.


Through ultra-realistic role-playing games, children learn about different professions, the operation of a city and money management. Each experience is designed to empower children, give them confidence to be better people, and inspire them to become exemplary global citizens.


Each KidZania center offers experiences that are relevant to their particular region, taking into account their culture, geography, food, entertainment and professions. At each center, KidZania uses real-world fun and learning to prepare children for a better world.

Web_icons-04 Role playing game

In KidZania, children from 2 to 14 years old have the opportunity to experience the adult world by assuming roles of firefighter, doctor, police, fashion designer, among others.


The role play is part of the natural behavior of children, they practice it without the need for a previous explanation. Unlike other activities that need instructions, such as sports or video games, children only need to see an adult do some activity before starting to imitate it.


Playing with a doll is one of the best examples of role-playing games, since it represents a boy or girl pretending to be a father or mother taking care of their child.


The role play is not only the essential element of KidZania, but a primary objective of bringing this concept to its maximum expression. This unique way of seeing the role-playing game inspires us to build complete cities with buildings, blocks, squares and streets for children to play as adults while trying many of the professions and trades that are available in a real-world city.

Web_icons-05 An entire city

The space where KidZania comes to life is the replica of a city on a children's scale. The city is made up of several small environments that replicate a mixture of different industrial sectors.


Role plays are held in places called "establishments", which include a theater, supermarket, beauty salon, radio station, to name a few. Additionally, visitors can find different points of sale of food and beverages, souvenirs, photographs and videos, thus creating a wide variety of urban environments, establishments and activities that allow you to enjoy the KidZania experience to the fullest.

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Web_icons-07 Experiential Learning

KidZania is about learning through play. Our Pedagogical Experiential Learning approach aims to encourage, develop and reinforce children's knowledge, skills and values ​​through role play.

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