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In this section you will find the most relevant information regarding the content, facilities and activities at KidZania Santa Fe.

KidZania is an edutainment center for children. It is the first one to offer role playing activities for children: play you are a grownup.

KidZania is a kid´s scaled city with buildings, streets, shops and transport system where kids can develop more than 100 activities and trades. It has replicas of a city´s most representative establishments and its own economy based on kidZos.

It is KidZania´s currency. Children can buy products, pay for services and earn kidZos through working in different establishments.

When arriving to KidZania each kid receives a check valid for 50 kidZos that must be changed in the bank to start acquiring products and services within KidZania.
Besides, within KidZania there are establishments like the radio station, the hospital, the courier service among others where the children “work” and at the end of the activity they receive a “salary” in kidZos. 

Within KidZania there are activities that have a cost in kidZos like the biscuit factory or the design studio, among others. Also, with their kidZos they can BUY real articles in the department store, shopping alley and convenience store.
Visitors can go to the bank and open an account to save their kidZos, which they can use to purchase goods in their next visit or to receive payment for their work in KidZania.
KidZos are universal; this means they can be used in all their visits in all of their parks.

There is not a fixed visit time in KidZania, the length of stay is determined according to the tastes and interests of the misses and misters. Each one of the activities has a duration time that goes from 5 to 45 minutes.

The access prices in KidZania are the following:
Babies (0-1 year)….....................................  free of charge
Children (1-16 years)......................................  $339.00
Adults (17 years and over).................... $199.00

The entrance ticket includes all the facility´s features, a 50 kidZos check for each children or toddler (does not include babies) and a security bracelet for each member of the group.

KidZania has a loyalty program called B•KidZanian, where children are naturalized as KidZania citizens and receive benefits for each visit. With this program KidZania wants to teach the children how to be better citizens. The program has three Citizenship levels; with each visit the KidZanians accumulate stamps that will allow them to upscale their citizenship level and thus get more activities, more kidZos and more fun. The passport is the document that identifies the members of the loyalty program. For more information on this program please visit

No, the Passport is independent from the entrance to KidZania. The Passport is part of a loyalty program called B•KidZanian. For more information, please visit

Yes, we have an area called Residential Area that has 6 activities for toddlers between 2 and 4 years old.

Most of the activities in KidZania are created for children of all ages; however, there are a few activities that require reading skills, minimum height or certain manual abilities that a pre-schooler might not possess

Children 8 years and older can remain on their own within KidZania, as long as you notify the facility  staff on entrance and leave a cell phone number to contact you in case of an emergency.

If the child is under 8 years of age, for safety reasons, the minor cannot remain on his own within KidZania.

KidZania is a kid´s size city, designed for children and to strengthen their autonomy, decision making capacity, conflict resolution under different contexts and situations through playing. Therefore, adults cannot participate in any activity unless the kid cannot do it on his/her own.
However, we do have adult nights. Please check our web page regularly to learn these dates. You will enjoy yourself like a kid! 

For the safety and security of all of our visitors, taking food and beverages into the park is not allowed. However, we have different restaurant options within KidZania.

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