Santa Fe

Sushi Bar

Come closer to Japanese cuisine and prepare your own sushi!


  • Expert sushi master

Description of the activity:

Prepare specialties of Japanese food and savor your own creation.



20 mins


Recommended age:
4-16 years


  • Values ​​learned: excellence, patience, dedication
  • Skills gained: motor skills, attention to detail, creativity


Kool Facts:

  • Sushi is one of the best known dishes of Japanese cuisine internationally and its origins date back to more than 1,200 years old!
  • Sushi should be eaten with wooden chopsticks, because metal cutlery alters its flavor


Economy and Benefits B • KidZanian:

  • Pay with kidZos this delicious experience. Receive special discounts according to the category of your paZZport, naturalized, distinguished or honorable citizen!