Santa Fe

Department store

Work in a store and live in fashion!


  • Seller
  • Model Showcase
  • Designer


Description of the activity:

Acquire products, wrap them as a gift, serve the clientele, or model seasonal garments. Design the spaces with trends.



20 minutes


Recommended age:


Educational content:

  • Values ​​learned: professionalism, honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility.
  • Skills gained: motor skills, communication, self-knowledge, fine and gross motor skills, mathematical development.


Kool facts:

  • Department stores began in nineteenth-century Paris, and shortly thereafter also appeared in London and New York, big fashion capitals.
  • The longest fashion show in the world was held in Miami in 2014; The Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show lasted just over 24 hours continuously, without repeating any dress model.

Economy and Benefits B • KidZanian:

  • Pay with kidZos for the items. Use the special discounts according to the category of your paZZport, naturalized, distinguished or honorable citizen!